Welcome to AElectronics

Well, this has certainly upgraded.

I have made many things.


I use this site for storing things currently.

Sometimes webpages, sometimes minecraft stuff, and anything else.


I had big plans for this.

Like, when I was younger I thought this was going to be a big company.


I don't know if my big plans will come true.

Maybe my small plans will.


This site might upgrade again.

This site might turn into a site with a menu.


Currently I have no links on this page.

Just plain text.

I'm sorry about that.


I might add them in the future.


I prefer using Google Sites because this is really hard to do.

The worst part is that deleting things is a pain.

Also, the secondary worst part is dealing with index.html and html editors.


I don't have to use html editors, but I am terrible at learning html.


I hope you got something out of that, I just wanted to tell you that this wasn't spam or a useless domain.

Well, I mean it is useless to you currently, but yeah, I am storing things for myself and friends.

Sometime I will add an interface.



(stampy reference, if you do not know what he is then google him)